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Mission Statement and Vision for 2020-21

Why We're Here:

We are a Catholic Irish-American fraternal organization dedicated to promoting our Catholic faith through charity, friendship and honoring our Irish heritage within the Upper township Irish Community.

– To Promote: Who we, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, are. To be visible and show our importance throughout our community.

– To Serve Our Church and Community when called upon to do so. To reach out to our community when we know we can make a difference. We are Blessed by our Church, and our faith guides us. We will conduct ourselves accordingly to support both with our time and resources.

– To Inspire: To reach out to fellow Irish American men by example, to educate and be educated by those wanting to contribute to our local community and local Churches.

– To Celebrate: Our Irish American heritage, promote its rich traditions and history through actions and deeds.

What's Important to Us:

– Our Fellow Brothers: We care about each other as AOH Brothers and as family. It’s vitally important to involve our families as much as we can. As well, support our brothers and their families when in need. We want to attract, develop, retain and motivate the brightest, most talented members of our community to join the AOH.

– Our Commitment: We value and respect our fellow AOH brothers, our Church, and our families; and we work hard to serve them all.

– Our Vision: We endeavor to fulfill our members’ needs and expectations; and to find imaginative ways to promote our Division and help those in need.



How We Act:

– We Work Together: We believe this is a team Division, and we play and work as a team, and always with respect and integrity.

– We Support: All Hibernians in good standing by upholding the National AOH Constitution and promoting Friendship, Unity & Catholic Charity.

I look forward to a great two years with you and I’m asking on your support to make our Division great! It's a team effort!

In Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,

Chris Collins
AOH, Cape May County, Division #2
"All Irish Martyrs"

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