AOH, Cape May County, Division #2 Officers for 2020-21


President: Chris Collins

Vice President: Richard Kramer

Treasurer: James Roche

Financial Secretary: Jonathan Cavaretta

Recording Secretary: Thomas Clark, Jr.

Standing Committee: Sean Meyers

Marshall: Kevin Rutledge

Sentinel: Christopher Cavaretta

Past President: James T. McNally III


Historian: Rob Hudson

Special Committee: Gregory Sokolowski, Jonathan Cavaretta, Christopher Cavaretta, Brian Galvin, Sean Meyers, Michael A. Hagan

ProLife: James T. McNally III

Catholic Action: Phil Pfaffman

Immigration:  Dave Courtney

Veterans Affairs: Tully O’Clisham

Associate Member Chairman: Mike Donahue

AOH All Irish Martyrs

Cape May County Division 2

in Upper Township

P.O. Box 126

Marmora, NJ 08223

(609) 316-7901

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